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Life science & health

Utrecht lies in the ‘green heart’ of the Netherlands. In this region, the focus is on a healthy living environment for everyone. Organisations and businesses in the Life Sciences & Health sector strive to promote good health and quality of life. 

Utrecht is home to the largest cluster of hospitals, clinics, knowledge and educational institutions and businesses in the Netherlands. Over 800 Life Sciences & Health organisations can be found in the region. All that knowledge enables Utrecht to attract many talented people who work in this field: scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers and the next generation of students at research universities and universities of applied sciences.

As a result, Utrecht Region is the ideal place to host conferences on themes relating to life sciences and health. Are you looking to hold a conference amid the lush, healthy greenery in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, or maybe you would like to combine your meeting with a cultural experience in one of Utrecht's historic cities? Utrecht Region offers an opportunity to combine substantive expertise with a suitable location that reflects the theme of healthy living. 


One example of a conference centred on the theme of Life Sciences & Health is the Utrecht Science Week. During the Utrecht Science Week, experts and professionals come together for lectures, debates, round-table discussions, tours, knowledge exchange and creative competition, all relating to sustainability and healthy living. The Heuvelrug Sustainability Festival (organised in cooperation with SDG Nederland) is another great example of this. The first edition was held in 2022 and included an entire summer's worth of attention to a wide range of sustainability-related activities.