Sustainable living, sustainable development and sustainable construction. In the Utrecht region, we are working toward a future based around healthy urban living. We plan to achieve this by means of smart urban mobility, healthy innovations and green cities. 

Smart urban mobility

Bicycles are part of Dutch culture and are deeply embedded in Utrecht as well. Cycling is one of the most common and most sustainable ways to get around. Not to mention that it contributes to a healthy lifestyle and is environmentally friendly, too. According to the most recent study by the World Economic Forum, Utrecht is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world – making it an attractive gateway to exploring the region by bike.

Besides sustainable transportation, Utrecht is also considered to be leading the way in the energy transition. More than 10,000 cars in Utrecht are being used as batteries for storing solar power. As a result, Utrecht is on its way to becoming the first bidirectional region in the world. ‘Bidirectional’ means that peaks in energy demand are met using the energy stored in cars, which is transferred back into the power grid at the proper moment. 

Earth valley

The historic city of Amersfoort is home to Earth Valley. This innovation ecosystem brings together experts who work with issues relating to a healthy living environment, residential construction, mobility, climate adaptation and the energy transition. Here, engineering firms, businesses in the construction chain and companies dealing with data, geodata and ICT join knowledge institutions in applying their expertise to create a future-proof living environment for everyone and belonging to everyone. 


The Enactus World Cup is held on an annual basis. In 2023, it will take place in Utrecht. Enactus believes in a fair and sustainable world. During the World Cup, teams from all around the world explain what they have done to make a positive impact on society. Enactus brings together an international network of students, higher education and leaders from the business community.